SQL Server Database – Localized Source Control


Every developer is familiar with the vital necessity of having quality Source Control tools in a development environment.  However, just as many developers through their careers have probably been very surprised to learn how many small and medium sized companies ignore this component in their development environments leaving it up to the individual technicians to implement their own methodologies to save their project work.  Such situations can usually be found to be a result of laziness, sloppiness, or sheer ignorance on the part of management or even the employed technical personnel.  And attempting to implement an organization-wide source-control system in such situations can and has been met with negative reactions.

Large corporations cannot survive without Source Control systems, though many of the Wall Street banks in the 1990s were reported to having either inadequate Source Control systems or even none at all.  It was a major IT scandal at the time, though probably not widely reported.

Since those years many new Source Control tools have become available far exceeding the capabilities of Microsoft’s original “Visual Source Safe”, which was spotty at best with its handling of project modules.

Today, we have a variety of both commercial and freely available tools for all types of project Source Control with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS) being one of the top commercial products in this venue, while Subversion and Mercurial are the equivalent in the Open Source/Free arena.

Git is now also becoming a standard in the Open Source environment with even Microsoft using it for its own Open Source endeavors leaving its own CodePlex environment to individual developers.

This is all terrific news since any developer can now implement some level of Source Control.  And even if one cannot implement a centralized Source Control system within an environment, with Mercurial the option is available for an adequate level of “Localized” Source Control due to its unique architecture.

Again, this is all great news for developers in terms of project development efforts.  However, one aspect of this arena is a definitive lack of Source and Version Control systems for database development efforts.  The two top vendors of such products are Red-Gate Software and ApexSQL Software.  The Red-Gate product is a bit expensive for individual developers and even team managers have been hesitant to spend the money though it is a very worthy addition to any team.  ApexSQL is less expensive but like its Red-Gate equivalent, also requires a centralized repository and attachment to Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio; the latter some technical managers may not appreciate.

There are no current products that, like Mercurial, can be implemented at the local level so that an individual developer can maintain his or her database development efforts similarly to that of their project development.  That is until now…

Black Falcon Software has recently released its own product that will allow for individual developers to implement a “localized” form of SQL Server database Source Control that acquires all of the same database object scripts as its two larger equivalents.  Called “SQL Server Source Control for Developers”, the product is very easy to use and minimally invasive to any development environment.  The product itself requires no installation as it only needs .NET Framework version 4.5 (or greater) to run.  There is a single installation of a Microsoft freely available support tool that is provided with the package in both its 32bit and 64bit versions.

Since this new product does not require any attachment to a database manager, it supports its own interface with the only additional requirement being that the user enters the necessary connection-strings to attach to the databases that they want to store scripts for.  All storage is done by user-defined repositories, which area easily created through the application’s interface also allowing for easy transport between machines where the product is being used.

The product is more affordable for an individual budget and offers a 30-Day trial download.  In addition, the documentation is available for individual download so that the product can be completely reviewed prior to trying it.

Simply click on the image below and you will be taken directly to the product page at the Black Falcon Software site.

Support is freely available by email (just use the Contact form on the web site), which is always monitored during the work day (9-5 EST).

Black Falcon Software believes this tool will be a worthy addition to all developers’ toolkits requiring SQL Server database source control where it is not offered by the environment they find themselves in. Give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised…



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