Common Sense Software Engineering – Part I; Initial Planning Analysis


Trying to Avoid It… Among other things…

Since the advent of “Extreme Programming (XP)” in the early 2000s, software professionals have been attempting to find new ways to develop quality applications under increasingly tighter deadlines, smaller budgets, both with declining resources. Much of the thrust of these efforts has been the result of pressures that were forced upon IT organizations from the increasing traumas of the then new business fad of outsourcing in-house talent to less expensive foreign firms. In a very real sense the traumas visited upon the professional software development community, especially in the United States, encouraged the increasing avoidance of proven strategies in order to satisfy technical management that were under the same pressures to produce but did not have the courage to manage the deteriorating circumstances properly.

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Being “Jim Rockford” in the Modern Technological Landscape


The last essay written by Black Falcon Software and subsequently also published on the “jaxEnter” site (“Is Technology Killing Us?” It’s Dark Side Is…) was pilloried by a small but vocal minority for being short-sighted and/or overly conservative in a rapidly changing technological world.   The comments, surprisingly, were from people who appeared to have read a completely different essay than the one I had published. Nonetheless, the piece was a point of view from one who had been through over 42 years in the IT profession across a very wide spectrum of US businesses.

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Best Obfuscation Tool for .NET Developers


For professional .NET developers that are either running or trying to establish software businesses of their own, the dangers of losing a product and\or intellectual property to hackers and other unsavory personnel can be significant due to the easily disassembling of .NET MSIL components.

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