Black Falcon Software Releases Encryption Product for .NET Developers


Many times C# and VB.NET developers run into situations where they would like to implement some level of symmetric string encryption into their applications. When doing so, unless there is a tool in their toolbox of software utilities on hand, the search will commence online for a suitable set of encryption and decryption algorithms. Then the testing of the algorithms begins until finally the code is applied to the application where it is desired.

A few months later the same requirement comes and the process is repeated unless the previous code-set is easily available for copying and pasting.

There is a difference between costly, industrialized security software and simple string encryption, which if done properly will satisfy the requirement of keeping casual eavesdroppers from looking at things that they shouldn’t be.

Enter Black Falcon Software’s, “Managed Encryption Services for Developers”.

This simple tool arose from the same tiresome, repetitive situations described above where it was found that having a single centralized location for all such requirements would not only be convenient but a way to maintain consistency across many implementations.

There is no doubt that any competent developer can find the algorithms required for any situation and successfully implement them. However, in the end it does become somewhat of a waste of time. “Managed Encryption Services for Developers” allows developers to not only regenerate successful versions of encryption and decryption algorithmic code consistently but also do so in either C# or VB.NET. The generated code is provided as a complete class module, which can then be easily incorporated into any corresponding project.

What’s more, key-sets can be maintained for individual clients and their projects indefinitely, allowing for specific regeneration at any time. Thus, the loss of such critical components is no longer an issue.

Currently, the most powerful symmetric encryption algorithms are those of the Rijndael formula (AES encryption is a subset of Rijndael ) and this is what this new product uses for its module generation. To date, the “128” key-size is still not known to have been broken and using code created by Obviex Software, which has been made freely available to the public domain for many years, “Managed Encryption Services for Developers” will provide an easy to use tool that will allow all .NET developers to centralize all such requirements for current and future project development.

Highly affordable for any budget with a 14-Day Trial Version available, go to the following product page and download a copy to give it a try…

Support is always free and suggestions and comments are always welcome.


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