Black Falcon Software Releases SQLite Helper 4.5


The SQLite database is probably the leading embedded database engine in the entire Information Technology industry. Small, fast, and relatively straightforward to use it has attracted a very wide following of devotees, developers, and vendors that take advantage of its excellent quality and versatility.

Used in all types of embedded systems from operating systems to the desktop, SQLite is the database engine of choice for those requiring a solid database for their applications.

However, support within the .NET developer community has been somewhat of an ambiguous proposition since SQLite, being a C\C++ database engine primarily, has not had the necessary support for ADO.NET beyond several open-source projects managed by individual developers.

The two leading projects in this venue have been the PHXSoftware and Finisar implementations but both of these offerings have since been discontinued.

DevArt Software has recently begun offering an excellent and freely available product for such purposes to the .NET developer community and Black Falcon Software did consider its use for it’s “SQLite Helper” product. However, it was thought a better idea to use the most direct offering from the SQLite Foundation itself if at all possible.

Luckily for the .NET community, the SQLite Foundation has adopted the original PHXSoftware project as its own and is now maintaining it on a regular basis. However, this does not appear to be widely known from the research done.

All such products for SQLite combine the SQLite database assembly with an ADO.NET provider, which then allows any .NET language to access it in similar style.

Black Falcon Software is now proud to release its first SQLite Data Access Layer, SQLite Helper 4.5, that takes advantage of the SQLite Foundation’s .NET offering.

Like all of the Black Falcon Software data access layers, SQLite Helper 4.5 follows the same standardized format for offering all of the primary functions for data access processes. SQLite Helper 4.5 also offers a streamlined approach to processing transactions allowing the developer to choose between setting up a transaction whereby only single point of action and thus failure can be processed or spreading the processing of a transaction over as many method calls as may be necessary.

This updated approach to transactions follows the new approach taken with the SQL Helper 4.5 component for SQL Server databases, which was released this past July.

SQLite Helper 4.5 is a complete package, which offers the developer the following tools…

  • SQLite Helper 4.5 Data Access Component (with complete source code and existing access to the referenced SQLite database assembly)
  • SQLite Helper 4.5 Test Client (with complete source code)
  • A complete set of documentation for SQLite Helper 4.5 in a HELP file
  • The complete implementation of the “System.Data.SQLite” component from the SQLite Foundation
  • NET, an excellent general database manager, which is freely available for non-commercial use. Database.Net can be used against a variety of databases in addition to SQLite.

The SQLite Helper 4.5 source code comes in a solution that is compiled for the .NET 4.5 Framework. However, it can be easily recompiled for any of the frameworks, 4.5 or higher.

This new set of tools from Black Falcon Software is sure to make it easier and more convenient for .NET developers to implement SQLite processing within their applications without the additional complexities of using an ORM.

Give SQLite Helper 4.5 a try today. It can be freely downloaded from the following link…

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions regarding this new software, please send all notes to


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