SQL Server Source Control for Developers – Released as Freeware

Black Falcon Software is proud to release its version 2.2.1 SQL Server  Source Control for Developers as Freeware.

There are no longer any licensing requirements for this software and there is no longer a need to install Microsoft’s Shared Management Objects SDK since compatibility with SQL Server 2016 has eliminated this requirement for this SDK to be applied to the GAC.

The installation of this software has also been made easier with a new installer package.

Please note that this latest release requires the 4.6 version (or greater) of the .NET Framework on a 64bit operating system.  If you already have Visual Studio installed and you do not have 4.6 or a later version of the .NET Framework installed, ensure that you upgrade your Frameworks with the proper upgrade or service pack for Visual Studio.  Not doings so could cause you to experience severe issues with the IDE.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or even complaints about this release, please send an email to the author via the contact form on the Black Falcon Software site.

To get your copy of this software, please go to the following link… SQL Server Source Control for Developers 2.2.1

Enjoy…  🙂



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