Black Falcon Software Releases SQL Server Source Control 2.1.1


Black Falcon Software is proud to announce its release of SQL Server Source Control for Developers 2.1.1…

This release is a major upgrade to its current product, which was at version 1.0.3.  The reason for the large skip in version numbers is that an interim 1.1.1 release had been planned but it was thought better to combine all of the modifications and new features into a single release.

This latest version has a brand new interface style, which will bring it more in line with current expectations by users.

A new usage statistics form has been added that allows users to view the used space in their defined repositories.

An new email form has also been added that will allow users to contact Black Falcon Software directly from within the application.

A new utility has also been added that allows users to clear dangling data when a database connection has been deleted.  This dangling data was a result of the application not clearing all of the repositories with data associated with the deleted connection.  Since this “bug” was internalized by the fact that without the deleted database connection information, the associated data could never be viewed, it resulted merely in the data using up space than being any type of issue.  Running this utility once will rectify this issue without disrupting any data associated with existing, active data.

Many modifications have also been made to this product and are currently listed on the home-page of Black Falcon Software’s web-site.

If you are an employee, consultant, or freelancer who requires source control for your SQL Server database object scripts because your place of work does not have such a capacity or you just would like to have your own individualized form of such source control, which is similar in nature to the Mercurial private source control system, go to Black Falcon Software’s web-site at and download a freely available 30-day trail version.  Licensing is very affordable and allows for installation on 5 different machines.

A tremendous amount of effort has gone into this latest release so it is hoped that everyone who tries it will enjoy working with it.

Database access has been tested up through SQL Server 2014 and should be compatible with all previous versions with this popular database engine.

In addition, this release has also been successfully tested against Windows 10.

The next expected release (2.1.2) will have the capability to access the newly released SQL Server 2016 database engine.

Steve Naidamast
Sr. Software Engineer

Using Black Falcon Software’s SQL Server Source Control for Developers



Application source control is a veritable standard in all well-run Information Technology organizations.   However, it is surprising how many small organizations seem to believe that individual developers merely saving backups of their projects on a remote server is more than enough for source control processes.

It is even more surprising how many quality IT organizations that do not have formal database teams ignore database source control thinking that the backed-up databases housing the scripts are more than enough for such a vital development process.

To some degree the lack of such control on databases is understandable given that there are few products available for organizations to avail themselves of. In fact, the only substantial products available are for Microsoft’s SQL Server database, while many other database engines are involved in production processes throughout the international IT community.

For Microsoft’s SQL Server, both ApexSQL and Red-Gate offer excellent products for teams and as a result, are rather expensive for individual professionals to afford. However, Black Falcon Software now offers a far more affordable solution for professionals looking to incorporate database source control into their development processes that will allow them to avoid the pitfalls of having their database scripts deleted or modified by others accidentally while under development when source control is not available.

Such a situation can be a traumatic situation when one has developed quite a number of new tables, procedures, or other such objects in a test database only to have them suddenly disappear as a result of a colleague’s work on the same database. And this is a common occurrence since test databases in many instances tend to be regarded as reusable by those working with them.

To begin with, Black Falcon Software’s SQL Server Source Control for Developers is not designed for teams but instead for the individual professional who wants and\or needs to maintain ongoing versions of all the database object scripts that they are developing without the more elaborate requirements of a remote source control systems such as TFS or Subversion. Stored in local repositories on the desktop, developers can now implement easy-to-use database source control for SQL Server that are protected from accidental modifications by colleagues or worse, complete database refreshes when it is felt that such a refresh is required. Under either condition, recreating original scripts can be a taxing experience.

Black Falcon Software’s product has a very simple set of administrative source control processes.

Starting with the administration of the application, the developer is presented with the following options…

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