Microsoft’s Visual Studio “Bloat” is Hurting All Professional Developers…


Up through Visual Studio 2010, updating the development environment with new service packs was a no-brainer. You simply did an update through a web-install or by downloading the ISO image. If the targeted system was clean, installations were not known to cause issues, though there were some reported on occasion.

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“Is Technology Killing Us?” It’s Dark Side Is…


The quoted part of the title of this piece comes from a recent article titled the same written by Kelly Sheridan at the “IT Life” site (Kelly Sheridan Article ).

Ms. Sheridan does a good job of highlighting the many drawbacks of living in a society that is overwhelmed with technologies on a daily basis. However, the article, like many such articles that are appearing currently on the subject, appears more as a “puff” piece that fits in line with the common presentations of such serious material. It appears as if there is no real seriousness to the issue.

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jaxenter: A Top Java Community Site


New people entering the Information Technology field have an overwhelming number of choices to make in terms of how they would like to pursue their own career paths, though some of this is also determined by their university course curricula and\or technical training.  In any event, when it comes to a choice in language development, there are only several primary avenues that can be pursued; C++, Java, .NET, Apple, or the third-tier and smaller language communities (ie: Scala, Go, Ruby).  All of these language avenues represent what are called “third generation” languages.  And all of them, no matter the marketing hype surrounding any one of them, all do the same things.  How can they not?  They are supposed to support general application development, which means they can generate just about any type of application required; from games to business support processes to artificial intelligence.

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Black Falcon Software Releases SQL Helper 4.5


One would be right in questioning as to why we would need a new basic data-access-layer when we have so many alternatives currently.

Black Falcon Software has always promoted the simplest and easiest way to implement a code-base that is elegantly coded. However, such a definition of software development increasingly seems to mean using languages with arcane syntax along with tools that increase and not decrease the overall complexity of an application. Much of this has been encouraged by the latest marketing hype that defines the 21st century as a time that has developed new business requirements in need of new development tools.

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Changing IT will never happen… Because it’s populated by Humans…


In a speech given by Michael T. Nygard at the W-JAX 2014 conference last November (see Speech) but was again recently posted at the “JaxEnter” site, he postulated as to how Information Technology needs to change itself to adjust to the working realities of business.

I can agree with many of the things that Michael presented in his talk.  However, as a forty-something he can be forgiven for not realizing that much of what he presented was also presented in many articles and similar talks 20 years ago.  Nothing has changed.

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