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The Cloud – Another Trend to the “Dark Side” & Ancient Aliens

There isn’t a day that goes by in the technical presses and communities where vendors aren’t hawking their Cloud Services as the new way to store and process data while claiming to improve costs to the IT organization’s bottom line.

On the surface and mixed with the prevalent trends in business technical developments this sounds well and good but no trend occurs in a vacuum.  Since 2010, the Cloud has become a new buzz-word for professional developers as well as consumers where literally anyone can store anything they like “up there”.  And the name, “The Cloud”, has an almost surreal-like sound to it while ignoring the fact that it was designed by some slick marketing outfit to attract anyone with a penchant for cool sounding idioms.

But what really is “The Cloud” but a glorified hosting service where one can store files, host web applications and databases amongst a repertoire of other implementations that have all become rather standard for most hosting and storage services that already exist.  And since the name of “hosting services” sounds too technical for most people we now layer it over with a soft sounding acronym, “The Cloud”, a place where giant puffs of large white, majestic cumulus puffs of vapor hang silently in a deep blue sky always waiting for their next passenger to serenely float through them.

Yet, there is a “Dark Side” to this majestic wonderland of hosted technologies; cumulus clouds can often turn dark and foreboding and it is this “Dark Side” that this piece will discuss.

As I mentioned, no trend occurs in a vacuum, though professionals in many fields tend to see things that way.  In technology today, it appears that a majority of the Human race cannot see past it’s nose when it comes to the next “new thing”.  One look at the popular “Ancient Aliens” show on the American History Channel will convince many that aliens are guiding Humanity to it’s true path; back to the stars.  And they support this contention with the many examples of universities and companies all researching and developing technologies that will allow us to do this along with other propositions demonstrating how aliens have been working on their Human project for many years.

Except here is where “reality bites”…  Humans cannot exist in space for too long due to the massive exposure to radiation; so long trips into it’s farthest reaches just is not feasible unless someone devises some form of radiation proof material that can be used on rocket-ships and clothing.  Also, let’s not forget the high speed debris that is whizzing all over the place out there that can penetrate just about anything it hits with the velocities they are traveling at.  Not too cool for pressurized cabins…  So the suggested alternative is to develop robotic bodies that have the capacity to be completely manipulated by Human thought processes if not encompass Human consciousness altogether.  However, if one South Korean scientist is correct in his theories based on quantum mechanics, Human consciousness is not housed within the brain; now there is a gigantic “Oops!” for the whole concept leaving us with the use of robots who many scientists fear will turn upon the Human race; another big “Oops!”…

This is a rather humorous example but it does demonstrate how even many scientists are rushing to develop something that simply may not be possible with the given facts and possibilities since they are not considering the limitations imposed on them by realities that may be irreconcilable.

This is also true for all of the current hype surrounding the use of the “The Cloud” by business organizations.

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